Find your nearest distributor of vegetable oil products

Many of our products in boxes or tubs are available through a distributor. We have an extended network of professional distributors across the UK. Also, we are member of The National Edible Oil Distributors’ Association (NEODA). NEODA provides an open forum for discussion for everyone working to protect and promote the production and sale of high quality edible oils and fats sold within the UK. You can find a Sime Darby Oils Liverpool Refinery authorized re-seller in the search box. To locate a distributor in your area, enter your location below. Also, you can select a category. The available categories are frying oils for the professional catering industry and bakery fats for artisanal bakers. If a category in the following list does not meet your current requirements, please contact us. You can buy bulk oils direct at Sime Darby Oils Liverpool Refinery. Check the map to find the nearest point of sale.

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