RSPO Certified palm oil

At Sime Darby Oils Liverpool, all the RSPO certified palm oil come from our own sources. This means that it has been independently audited by the RSPO to ensure that it is environmentally friendly and socially responsible, as well as being economically viable. In addition, thanks to our unique low-cost supply chain, we're able to offer sustainable palm oil products at everyday prices. Sustainable palm oil is now available and affordable, making it the right choice for your business and your customers.

Sustainable palm oil, RSPO qualified

How We Produce Our Sustainable Palm Oil In A Different Way

Here are just some of the ways we produce palm oil differently:

  • We produce our ingredients in a way that protects high conservation value forests and biodiversity.
  • Our oil yields per hectare are amongst the highest on the planet thanks to our in-house elite seed breeding programme and agronomic methods. This matters because higher yields means less pressure on tropical forests around the world.
  • Unlike other producers, we are committed to minimising our impact on the environment through our "no net carbon loss" expansion plan. We aim to achieve this by rehabilitating abandoned estates, optimising the yield of smallholders, acquiring and improving the yield of poor performing estates and planting on low carbon value land (eg.grassland).
  • We also take our social responsibilities very seriously by ensuring there is a real benefit to local communities from the palm oil we produce. We do this by funding housing, education and medical facilities for employees and their families as well as community initiatives through the NBPOL foundation.
  • We reward our neighbouring smallholders by paying them a premium for producing palm oil in a sustainable way...even though we don't pass this onto our customers.
  • We were the first company in the world to include smallholders (more than 8000 of them) within the scope of our certification process. Our sustainable palm is also their sustainabile palm oil.
  • The origin of our palm oil we use at New Britain Oils can be traced back to our parent company's own certified sustainable* operations in Papua New Guinea and The Solomon Islands, and our supply chain is independently verified by BM TRADA.

Watch This Video How We Demonstrate Our Palm Oil Supply Chain:

Sustainability Story Of Palm Oil

Sustainability inspires our way of doing business. We are a founding member of the Round Table Of Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). We continue to support and uphold the RSPO Principles & Criteria. These principles are our benchmark and assurance of sustainable planting of oil palm. We have a RSPO certification for almost all our estates. So, you can be sure of the best quality and sustainable palm oil products. Besides, our parent company Sime Darby Plantation is part of several working committees:

Palm Oil Is The World's Most Efficient Oil Crop.

Our palm oil is sustainable and environment-friendly. Besides high yield of this vegetable oil provides food security. A palm oil tree produces 11 times more oil than soybean plants, ten times more than sunflower and seven times more than canola, per hectare per year. Moreover, palm oil required less land to produce the same amount of oil as other vegetable crops.

Why Buying RSPO Certified Palm Oil Matters?


Do you know if the palm based ingredient in your products has actually come from a sustainable source? If it doesn't, you could be directly contributing to the harmful climate change effects of tropical deforestation and the destruction of habitats, that are home to such endangered species as Orangutans and the Sumatran Tiger. You might also be funding the illegal clearance of people off their own land.

Whether you buy products made with our oil or certified sustainable palm from elsewhere, the only way to stop all these negative things from happening is by sending a clear message to growers that you value sustainable practices. Only by choosing an oil that actually comes from a sustainable source can you be certain that your actions are making a positive difference!

We control our palm oil supply chain from the seedling to the finished products. Therefore. the advantage to work with us is that we are able to trace all our products back to the source.