Bakery Fat Ingredients For Professional Bakers

We offer high-performance baking ingredients such as cake margarine, pastry margarine or shortening, to the professional bakers. Our bakery fat experts designed a market leading range of baking ingredients. Our products are of the same consistent quality you can count on. Fat, a key ingredient, has a profound influence on the bite and taste. There are several aspects to consider when you select the right fat ingredient for your product: dough making, baking procedure, moulding equipment and required shelf life. The palm oil we use in our bakery fat ingredients contain 100% RSPO certified sustainable palm oil.

Our extensive new range of bakery products combines high quality and guaranteed performance with the world-class sustainability credentials you'd expect from Sime Darby Oils. All of the Palm Oil and Palm fractions we use, even the Palm based emulsifiers, can be traced directly back to our RSPO* certified sources. This provides you and your customers with peace of mind, as you know exactly where our products have come from and you can rest assured that they have been produced responsibly - not at the expense of tropical rain forests.

Sustainable palm oil, RSPO qualified

Our Range Of Bakery Fats For Professionals

Premium pastry margarine
Pastry Margarine

Provide plasticity and workability for great tasting shortcrust and laminated pastries. Ideal for French and Scotch production methods.

  • ▪ Traditional pastry
  • ▪ Reduced fat
  • ▪ E and salt free
  • ▪ Soft texture
Choice cake margarine
Cake Margarine

Our exclusive range offers great value and provides good aeration and creaming properties for quality results every time.

  • ▪ Soft texture (for easier mixing)
  • ▪ Flavoured/Coloured
  • ▪ E free
  • ▪ Uncoloured, no flavour or salt
Supreme shortening

Our range of shortening products combine optimum performance with ease of handling for hi-ratio cakes, short pastry, breads, and morning goods.

  • ▪ Standard shortening
  • ▪ High ratio
  • ▪ Bread fats
  • ▪ Uncoloured, no flavour or salt